Hermit Crab Growth Shells

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Our natural 4 pack of Hermit Crab Shells range from 2″ to 3″ to accommodate hermit crabs in various life stages. Our hermit crab shells range from 2 inch to 3 inches and consist of common and unique shapes that offer protection and comfort for your beloved hermits. As always our shells are hand selected to be the best for growing crabs!


  • Provides variety for Hermit Crabs
  • “D” & “O” Shaped Shell Openings
  • Large 2″ to 3″ Sized Shells
  • 100% Natural

3 reviews for Hermit Crab Growth Shells

  1. Crystal

    I love the shells they are so pretty I don’t want to put them in the tank! Once my crab is done shedding let’s hope he chooses a new home!

  2. Ash

    These are some nice shells, bought them for my hermit crabs. The one is too small but the other three are good sized. The two white big ones seem really thin so hoping they don’t crack easily. Will be adding them to my crabitat today.

  3. Duke

    Amazing shells, Well packed and came undamaged. I actually Thought they would be a little smaller

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